12th Annual Basic Life Support Workshop held at Muhammad Medical College & Hospital, Mirpurkhas

Muhammad Medical College and Hospital (MMCH) held its 12th Annual Basic Life Support Training for doctors, senior medical students, paramedical staff and others on 3rd April 2018 at its Mrs Razia Ali Muhammad Memorial Auditorium. The training was imparted to groups in 2 sessions. In the first session, there was a lecture on Basic Life Support, including its usefulness, when it should not be attempted, and its success rate. In the second session,Professor Syed Zafar Abbas with the help of Dr Sarwan Kumar, demonstrated the practical procedure. It was followed on with a hands–on training workshop, held with the help of Skills Department of MMC&H. Manikins were used along with required instruments to help in this. The workshop was open, free of cost, to all doctors of Mirpurkhas and was heavily attended by final year medical students, senior and junior doctors, and para-medical staff.