Annual Symposium Report Archive

19th 19th Annual Medical Symposium 2021 Theme: Effect of Covid Pandemic On Personal and Professional Lives of Healthcare WorkersTelemedicine in Rural Areas of Pakistan 8/10/2021
17th Telemedicine in Rural Areas of Pakistan 26/09/2019
16th Importance of System, Policies, Guidelines and Protocol in HealthCare ( Unavailable ) 07-10/09/2018
15th Undiagnosed Psychiatric Problems in General Population ( Unavailable ) 28-31/08/2017
14th Biases, Fallacies and Superstition in Medical & Daily Life ( Unavailable ) 05-08/9/2016
13th Regional Consideration in Medical Education ( Unavailable ) 01-04/09/2015
12th Importance of Generic Skill in Medical Education ( Unavailable ) 15-18/09/2014
11th Developing Clinical Teaching And Training In Underprivileged Region ( Unavailable ) 28-31/10/2013
10th Empathy in Doctors of Pakistan ( Unavailable ) 24-27/09/2012
9th Improving Relations Among Doctors, Media and Community 13-16/09/2011
8th Medical disasters following natural calamities in Pakistan 04-07/10/2010
7th Standardizing Medical Education - Necessary and/or Desirable? 17-20/08/2009
6th Health Policy for Deprived Regions of Pakistan - Past, Present and Future 11-13/08/2008
5th Promotion of Medical Education in Rural Pakistan 12-15/11/2007
4th Ethics in Medical Practice and Research 05-08/09/2006
3rd Health Problems Affecting Rural Pakistan 22-25/11/2005
2nd Increasing discrepancies in Health Facilities between Rural & Urban areas 09-12/08/2004
1st Benefits of Medical Colleges in Under Developed areas 18-21/08/2003