Examination Department


The Examination department mainly deals with all the matters related to examinations. For the purpose of simplification, smooth and easier functioning, the work of Examination department is divided into following sections: 1. Conduct Section 2. Secret Section

The Controller of Examinations is responsible for all matters connected with the conduct of Examinations, Secrecy and issuing certificates, Marks sheets, Transcript, Degrees, Ranking Certificates etc.

The Muhammad Medical College (MMC) Mirpurkhas is affiliated with Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro hence presently the Controller of Examinations is working to facilitate, guide and resolve the related matters of the students of MMC. In addition to that he also supervises the process of daily class attendance, compilation and eligibility of the students for examination as per criteria.

The Controller of Examination shall perform such other functions as prescribed by the authority.


Examinations will be held at the end of each year by University of Sindh. Pass marks in each examination will be 50%. If a student fails to attend classes for two weeks continuously after start of session without any written application submitted beforehand, his / her admission shall stand cancelled automatically without any notice. If a student is unable to attend classes for ten days or more during the session without informing in writing to the Chairperson of Department, his / her admission shall stand cancelled. A student will not have more than 4 chances of passing Part-l or Part-ll of First Professional Examinations, availed or un-availed. Failing Fourth attempt, student's name will be struck off college register (as per PM&DC rule).

Ali Muhammad Mallana
Controller of Examinations