Anatomy Department


Anatomy department has a rich faculty and is spread over a huge space. It includes two large well equipped museum, dissection hall, a large histology laboratory, offices, lecture theatre and corridor. The whole department is decorated with charts, models, equipments, and other teaching aids. The department has rich faculty with professor, associate and assistant professors, lecturers, demonstrators and other ancillary staff. The visual aids are performed in Audio-Video lab which contains range of software.


The department of Anatomy is one of the richest departments of MMC which are well equipped to facilitate students. Some of the salient features of the department are as under:

A dissection hall with 7 dead bodies, a mortuary refrigerator and embalming room.Two large museums with over 150 specimen (50 recently added), 5 Plastic torso, 61 plastic models two full articulated skeleton on stand, 375 bones and 242 illustrated charts, X-Ray illuminators with 158 x rays for radiological anatomy.Histology lab with 20 microscopes, one slide projector with 309 kodachromes (50 recently added- histology 223, gross 20, embryology 66), multimedia, 750 slides (240 added recently), many CDs with central computer lab.Anatomical Models and other teaching aids such as dissections films and DVDs.A separate lecture hall with 100 seats and two tutorial rooms.126 Central and many departmental Library books.