Founder Chairman:

Dr Syed Ali Muhammad
Founder Chairman & Parton MFT

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Message from Founder Chairman:

These lines were not written as message but you judge for yourself, what could be a better message than this.

Life is a strange phenomenon. Whether you do good things or bad things or nothing, it moves on. Time flies. Children become boys & girls, then young adults, then middle aged and then old people. (Shakespeare will count 7 stages, others less or more), but nevertheless, before you know, you are heading towards eternity, leaving all your loved ones and houses and land and earnings behind. That is because you never owned them. As Mir has said "Yeh hi jana keh kuch na jana haL.So bhi ik umr mein hua maloom.

However one thing is certain. If you do what you have been asked to do and refrain from what you have been forbidden with, Someone ensures that your beloved are properly taken care of, your name stays prestigious and your deeds carry on.

I do not know if I would be able to see the seeds of my institutions of knowledge and treatment turning into full fledged trees, but I am sure that God almighty never lets any sincere effort go wasted. So I am sure that my and your children and all the future children of Mirpurkhas, Sindh and Pakistan will witness Muhammad Colleges, Institutes and Hospitals turning into centres of excellence and will be fully benefited by these institutions. And perhaps I will also witness from somewhere high up, my and your children smiling in these places.

May God grant MMC, MMCH and MIST all the recognition and success that these institutes truly deserve. Ameen. (Note: Dr. S. Ali Muhammad left for his eternal abode soon after these lines. MMC & MMCH were granted recognition by PMDC 7 1/2 Months after his departure, realizing his dream-Principal MMC).