Mission & Vission

Mission & Vission


To become a world-leading organization in rural health and social care research, training, recruitment and best evidence-based practice.


Pioneers in rural health; providing exceptional, personalized care. Our Mission is To inspire hope, and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research. To provide a focal point for the development and collation of high-quality research pertinent to rural health and wellbeing. To improve the training, recruitment and retention of a professional workforce within rural communities. To be recognized as an exemplar in rural health and wellbeing on the international stage. To establish a network of individuals and groups that support research, innovation and development in rural health and social care. To work with professional bodies and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to ensure that relevant education and training are available to equip health and social care professionals with the skills and knowledge required to deliver high quality care in rural areas.

Our Values


We believe teamwork results in the attainment of the finest finished product possible. This is achieved through the cooperation and use of resources of individual team members.


We believe that personalized care is an essential element of the healing process. Personalized care should be individualized to patients, residents, clients, and their families; integrating their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs


We believe that those who serve in our organization reflect a tradition of gentleness and empathy for all patients, residents, clients, and their families, co-workers and others. We believe each person is worthy of love and respect, and we share the responsibility to safeguard personal dignity.


As a rural hospital serving a large geographic area, we have the responsibility for providing diverse health-related inpatient, outpatient and residential services. We encourage innovative and creative ideas in problem solving to overcome limited resources